What are Nude Lipsticks?
Nude Lipsticks are Lipstick shades basically, a pale shade that matches every skin tone effortlessly unlike other lipstick shades which are colorful and bold and suited to specific kinds of skin tones. Nude Lipstick matches every skin tone and comes in different shades that match any fashion like- Bridal, Boho, Modern, etc. giving a classy and sassy look.

Fact: It is believed that nude lipstick came into the limelight in the ’90s when blush made a huge comeback in women’s makeup routines by giving it a femininity look, Point of wearing nude lipstick is to give lips finished looks without doing too much pop of color to them. It gives a classy and sophisticated look that enhances the lips without drawing too much attention.
There are so many nude shade lipsticks available like Maven Mauve, Shen Nude Lipstick, Pink-Nude Lipstick, etc.

How to Choose the Right Nude Lipstick?
Nude Lipstick is universally flattering and suitable for all but it is important to choose the correct shades matching according to skin tone mainly there are three kinds of skin tones.
Fair / Light Skin tone:-
They are the lightest skin tone, pinks and pinky nudes are best suitable for light complexion skin tone.
Medium Skin tone:-
It includes a broad range from Medium to tan skin tones.
Slightly lighter or darker shades are best suitable.
Darker Skin tone:-
It includes darkest to deepest complexions, darker shades will be more suitable for the complexion type.

Different Shades OF Nude Lipstick:-
Toasty Roses:- Nude Lipstick with pink undertones goes with lighter skin.
Caramel Beiges:- If your medium skin tone then it is best suitable in light nudes like brown, orange and red undertone with minimal touch-up.
Matte Browns:- Best suitable Lipstick for darker skin enhancing the beauty and complexity gives extra confidence to the skin.
Golden Goddesses:- Fair skin with a warm undertone suited best with gold-tinted nudes but most preferable is to go with a darker shade.
Heavenly Mauves:- Mauves are suitable for dark skin tone winged liner and brown smokey eyes.

Tips:- Poppy king, creator of Lipstick suggests using an undereye concealer on your lips before lipstick blends with your skin gives a thicker consistency, and avoids pigmentation around your lips.

Pair It With: Pair Nude shades with casual dresses, party wear with a suitable look, and bridal makeup to give classy look and for the natural look nudes go with all fashion, without worrying about looking overdressed or inappropriate.