A Custom Approach

Looking to start or enhance your brand?

You can now create your very own custom lipstick colors in bulk for you brand, with the ease and budget of private label and the endless color possibilities of contract manufacturing. With no MOQ (minimum order requirement) and fast lead times, we provide a solution for all types of business.

The Process & Benefits

We combine the low upfront costs and ease of standard private label cosmetics with all the benefits of contract manufacturing. Unlike standard private label, where you are required to choose colors off the shelf and share the same color catalogue as you competitors, we offer the option to create your very own colors, unique to your brand only. Unlike contract manufacturing, where there are large MOQs (minimum order requirements) and long turnaround times for the testing of a new product, we do not have any MOQs and are typically able to start your color matching process and complete your order in 1-3 weeks (subject to order size and branding).


You will work with a color specialist to find the perfect shades of lipstick for your brand. You can also provide us with colors as a reference, and let us know which direction to take the color to create just the right shade for your business.



You can choose from our collection of packaging or provide your own (subject to additional costs for tooling as cases not provided by us will require unique tooling for that case).



We will work with you to ensure your packaging is branded in just the right way for your business. We offer specialist printing services of logos / business name, but you can also send us pre-printed cases if you wish.


About The Beauty Tailor

The Beauty Tailor has designed an impressive system to create custom lipsticks using only the highest of industry standards when it comes to blending, melting and extracting lipsticks. Our 100% vegan formulas have been tried and tested by industry specialist chemists with vigorous quality control measures ensuring the stability and integrity of the lipstick, as well as the payoff and finish. This system allows us to create any lipstick color in any quantity, to suit your budget and needs.