As the winter season begins, various skin problems such as dry skin and chapped lips accompany it, so it is very important to take care of your skin, use cosmetics that moisturize your skin and lips, and avoid dull-looking makeup. It is very difficult to choose winter cosmetics, but moisturizing the skin is also important. Let’s take a look at the different lipstick textures and how to use them, perfect for winter.

Various Lipstick Texture For Winter and How to Apply it:-
Glossy Lipstick:- Many people think that glossy lipsticks were a trend in the 90s and outdated fashion these days, but they are not. If you want to create glossy and plump lips, glossy lipstick is the answer. And in winter, it not only adds shine but also moisturizes lips on winter days. You can use a variety of shades of lipstick, but darker shades like red, brown, or berry work better. The Best Shade: Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color is infused with the beneficial properties of argan oil to nourish your lips and add a lustrous texture to enhance your winter look.
Matte Lipstick:- Matte Lipstick never goes out of fashion at any season, event or function but post-application of Matte Lipstick seems horrible in Winter because they dry up your lips. So before wearing Matte Lipstick in Winter, you need to follow some tips to avoid dryness and chapping, especially for a liquid matte lipstick.
Avoid Applying directly on your lips firstly moisturize your lip with lips moisturizing cream like vaseline petroleum Jelly then finally apply your matte lipstick as it goes perfectly for all looks.
Our favourite Matte Lipstick is Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip with some primer to give a long-lasting effect and for plumpness, you can use a highlighter as well.
Satin Lipstick:- Satin Lipstick is my go-to everyday lipstick for a subtle texture that's perfect for the winter months. It doesn't look fancy because of its tinted balsamic look, but it hydrates the skin and is perfect for the season, but requires regular touch-ups as it won't stay on for long. Our top choice for colouring lipsticks, Lakme enriches smooth lip colour and is available in a range of shades.

There are no written rules about which colours fall into a particular season. However, it is recommended to use dark colour lipstick in the winter season as it creates the overall aesthetic of the winter season. We tend to play it safe, so we prefer brighter or more neutral colours that go well with everything.