Makeup that comes back from time to time in our daily life is Lip Gloss. Lip Gloss is the first initial introduction to mating up as a teenager due to its shiner looks which every teenager is fond of. But there is always a problem with lip gloss about its lasting which irritates because every time one wears lip gloss has to reapply it time otherwise it will spoil your looks.

Ways to Make Lip Gloss Last Longer:-

Lip glosses that have a creamy texture may stay longer having long-lasting properties compared to lip shier. Shiny lip glosses have a real issue of lasting a long time either you buy a good product that gives long-lasting effects or you can follow some tips to make your lip gloss long-lasting.

Use It Over Foundation:-

If you are not having concealer, you can use foundation on your lips and then apply gloss which settles down with foundation and lasts long.

Over Concealer:-

Take any kind of concealer whether matte or sticky pat on the lips to settle it down and apply lip gloss with a brush or hands whatever suits you.

Use Lip Liner:-

Use neutral matching creamy liner to fill the entire lips then apply gloss on top of it assured your glass will last enough.

Use a Lip Brush:-

Using Lip Brush to coat more than one time with lip gloss gives you better coverage in comparison with a single coat.

Over Matte Lipstick:-

Applying matte lipstick as a base and applying lip gloss of the same shade of top gives classy look and makes a perfect match.

Prep Your Lips For Smoothest Applications:-

Makes sure that your lips are always smooth whether you apply lipstick or lip gloss. For that, you can scrub your lips or use vitamin E and rub gently with your fingers for some seconds and that’s it.

Right Way To Apply Lip Gloss:-

Lip gloss directly on lips like lipstick uses some base then apply gloss on it and blends both of them for a better result.

Lip Gloss Tips For Everyday Use:-

If you are a school or college-going gal then it’s totally okay that you do not want to go into your school/college looking like you are straight out of a euphoria episode then take a pinch of lip balm dab a lip gloss over it and you are all ready for a friendly look.

P.S: For Achieving a fuller look can use lip liner and lip gloss over it.