Out of all makeup products, my personal favorite is Matte Liquid Lipstick gives the best result to avoid dryness, and pigmentation gives a colorful classy, and sassy look.

Didn't know that much about liquid matte lipstick but after testing it, I am in love with its creamy texture some of my favorite colors like pink, mauve and strawberry kissed become my day-to-day signature color.

Some of my favorite colors which I recommend to everyone who thinks to give a try Matte Liquid Lipstick are:-

The Balm Meet Matte (Hughes Long Lasting matte Lipstick) :

This the one of the best liquid lipstick I recommend as a personal experience. It is very useful for women having pigmentation around the lips area.

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink :

It has a conflict because of raves about being super comfortable and long-lasting but I can definitely say that from my experience that it can last long around 12 hours a day. They have some gluey texture which helps them to last long.

PUPA I’m Matt Lip Fluid :

It is one of the soft and mousse-like formulae it needs time to set but it is super comfortable on lips some of my favorite colors are pinkish and nude. My shades O12 in peachy.

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor :

It has a completely wrong name because it is not matte. But after applying it as it becomes a sort of a stain, It is matte. It is comfortable and smells like strawberry, and vanilla and it’s fully opaque.

JORDANA Sweet Matte Liquid Lip Color :

I regret that I have only this bright shade. I have this in lighter and brighter shades giving a pinkish nude shade lipstick with having creamy texture giving a perfect matte finish.

Lipstick creates a style statement and gives your face a new feel. So, go ahead and experiment with different kinds of lipsticks and try out varied looks like the style diva, fashionista, the chic you.

This new range collection is everything that any makeup maestro would need, whether to look for bright pouts or selfie-ready all the liquid lipstick will surely glam up your look.